Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Hey!! I know its been awhile since my last post. Thanks for sticking around. I have been talking to God about my food issues. At first it was God take my food issues away. Help me resist temptation. Give me strength for this diet. But, God gently began showing me that before I can concentrate on how to lose weight I must confront the WHY I am overweight to begin with.  I mean I need to know the WHY I went to food. What were those triggers? As I have been pondering, God is revealing patterns and the reasons behind those self destructive patterns. As God begins showing me, Ive been allowing Him to heal and restore. My mindset about food is changing. My anxiety around food is decreasing. Im confident that over the course of time I will begin to lose weight again. I believe God is doing a great work in my inner man. I wish I was eloquent in my writings so I can fully express my heart. I covet your support and encouragement. I know I cannot do this alone.


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