Saturday, April 28, 2018

A little bit of Hair

Taking a break from my health journey to talk about a good cause.
I am donating my hair to an organization called

          734 379 4400

They provide wigs FREE to children and young adults up to 21 yrs old. They are allowed 1 hair kit a year that can cost up to $5000.

Here are before and after pictures.....a total of 18 inches. I cant describe I lite I feel with all that hair gone. I think it took about 18 months for me to grow it. I plan to do it again Lord willing.

Much love always,

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Apple Cider Vinegar

Good Morning All, 

I found an interesting article on the benefits of drinking ACV(Apple Cider Vinegar).
Sorry this did not create a link. Maybe you can copy and paste. I will try to learn how to make it a clickable link.

My personal reason for drinking ACV is to help fight inflammation. Studies have shown that bodies with high inflammation are more prone to disease. Also, an acetic body is prone to disease. ACV actually helps to alkaline the body when consumed. Please dont ask me how that happens. Lol !!!  And, ACV helps reduce inflammation. 
Please do not drink it straight. If you search google, there are many receipes. Today I mixed 2 tbs of ACV, 1 tbs lemon juice, 1 cup of mashed mixed berries(they were frozen so I put in food processor), 2 tsp of stevia in 20oz of water. Of course, I put in some ice. I like cold drinks however, you can make ACV into a tea if you prefer.
I would love to hear your personal stories of how ACV has helped you. 

God Bless, 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Birthday Bash

Hello All,

Yes. Today April 21st is my bday. I am how 47 yrs old.
My hubby and I had a fun weekend planned. We were to drive upstate Friday night and then spend Saturday at the zoo. I had given myself permission to "cheat" from the new eating habits I had acquired. Well, the trip did not go as planned. My hubby had to work late so we did not get to hotel until after 1030pm.  Hubby took me to IHOP for dinner since we had not eaten. I displayed great restraint. I had an egg white omlette with cheese and veggies with a side order of fresh fruit. I knew that Saturday I was going to splurge. Well, when we woke up, hubby was not feeling well so we decided to cancel the zoo. Our tickets are good until April 20th 2019. Hubby took me to Cracker Barrell for breakfast. I had one of their breakfast platters but
I still stayed away from pork. I had the turkey sausage. I started the drive home but got so sleepy I had to let hubby take over. When we got back into town, hubby saw the dr at a clinic and he has a sinus infection. He has been sleeping on/off since we got home. Please pray the sleep and meds help bc he does have to return to work tomorrow morning. After the dr we went thru an ice cream shop drive thru. Yes!!! I got an ice cream waffle cone for my bday. It was so good. Then after picking up hubby's rx we came home. Of course, we were not able to go out so we ordered a couple of pizzas and a calzone. The calzone and one pizza was meat free. The good thing is although it was "crap" food I did not eat as much as I normally would have. I probably will eat left overs tomorrow but Monday its back on track for me. This is my bday weekend and I did not feel guilty about what I ate.
I do believe that everything is ok in moderation. My next "cheat" time will be in June when hubby and I go on vacation.
Although the weekend did not go as planned, I am truely blessed with wonderful family and friends. I have everything I need. I have an awesome hubby who loves and adores me.
I pray every one has a blessed Sunday and a productive week ahead.

Much love,

Sunday, April 15, 2018

A little bit about my life

My Life with CFS

I was active as a child, teen and young adult.  I played softball, did dance, performed in school plays, and was very active in church.  As a young adult, i volunteered at my church working with teens.  I have co-directed VBS, organised church wide events, and have create a children's programs. I have supervised lock ins, car washes, and youth retreats.   I did this while working full time, going to school part time, and even working 2 jobs. So to say the least, I have always been a person who stayed busy with life and I loved every minute of it.   Then in 2003 I developed an upper respiratory infection and was out of work for a week.  Later in that week, I received a phone call that a family member was ill and may not make it through the weekend.   Despite being sick, my mother and I drove 12 hours to be with family.  We stayed at the hospital for several more hours.  Thus, we were without sleep for like 36 hours straight.  When I finally got to bed, I literally felt something "switch" in my body.  I cannot explain it fully but I did feel something odd.  I told myself that I was going to pay for this.  I never knew it would be for a life time.  After returning home( the family member survived and was able to go home...she died 6 months later), I continued to be sick.  I had lost all energy.  I keep getting reoccurring infections and my energy level was at an all time low.  My doctor performed all types of test to see why I was continually getting infections.   Every test came back negative.   Finally,  after a year of reoccurring infections and lack of energy, the dr said that I may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  At first I thought YES I have an answer, but that was short lived when I was told there was NO treatment for this.  My dr prescribed an anti-depressant that was supposed to help with fatigue and B-12 shots to help as well. They helped for awhile but I never felt like I had the energy that I should.  I did everything I could to get better.  I took medicines, rested, had the pastor lay hands on me but all to no avail.  In 2005 I decided to resign my position in the church.  I could no  longer be dependable to assist with the youth.  It was a hard decision but I did not have the energy to teach and participate in all the activities that we provided to the children.  After resigning my position, I quit attending church all together.  It was not that I no longer trusted God.  It was that I had no energy to get ready in the mornings.  In 2008 I was hospitalized due to severe high blood pressure.  Due to the trauma of that week, I developed Fibromyalgia.  It mainly affected my legs.  I cannot stand or walk long distances without feeling weak or hurting.  It took its toll on my job and in March of 2010 I had to resign from my job.  I am now on disability.   It has been a hard road but I have been blessed with a supportive and awesome husband that tries so hard to make life easier for me.
My days are less active than in my younger days.  I have to pace myself to keep from crashing.  Most days are spent on the couch.  However, I am trying to regain some strength.  I am trying to live healthier.  I am trying to make the most out this situation.  It has definitely brought me closer to God. I have learned to trust Him more.  I miss my old body.  I miss my active days.  I am looking for ways to make me feel better. I keep trusting and believing that God has a purpose for allowing me to go through this. 

Sorry about the green background. It copied that way.

With Love, 

Older Blog

Good Morning,

If you would like to know a little more about me, please visit

This is my old blog. Blogger made me create a new blog and until today I was unable to access it.

I hope you have a great Sunday.

With love,

Saturday, April 14, 2018

2 Month Update

Good Morning,

Before I get started with my update I want to make one thing very clear. This lifestyle of eating is how the Lord has instructed ME to eat. I am in no way suggesting that one way works for everyone. We each have different needs and different convictions. My purpose is to encourage and support a healthy lifestyle, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

"The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."
John 10:10 NKJV

Today was my official weigh in. Hubby did buy me a scale. I was up .8th of a pound from last week but still 28lbs lost in 2 months.  April is a challenging month. First there was Easter then I have 4 bdays to celebrate which means dinners out. Although Im not 100% plant based, I am making healthier choices.
My blood pressure is down. I have reduced my average sugar readings about 50 points. My chronic nausea is gone and I have reduced some of my meds. Im learning to enjoy cooking different dishes. I just hate the clean up 😭. So far my hubby and I have enjoyed most of the meals I have made. Spiritually, mentally emotionally I am feeling better. I have yet to regain my energy or physical stamina,  however Im believing God for a miracle. I will not give up or give in. I will receive my healing.

Thank you for your encouragement and support.


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Trying my hand at a new dish....

Good evening friends,

Today I tried making dairy free alfredo sauce. As I have mentioned before, I am cutting out as much dairy as I can in hopes of reducing inflammation. I got a recipe from one of my FB groups. The sauce's base is cashews. When following the directions, the sauce came out gritty/chuncky so I added some almound milk. It was much smoother but taste is somewhat bland. Next time I will add different spices and maybe some hummus. I love hummus. It has become a staple in my diet now.

Do you have any plant based recipes that you had to adjust?? I love to try new foods.

Your friend

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Staying in the zone

Good Morning my friends,
As you know I have a goal to eat right, lose weight and to get healthier. I have been researching different things. One thing I have learned is that dairy, eggs, meat, poultry, caffiene and sugar cause inflammation. I knew about the caffiene and sugars but the rest caught me by surprise. So, I had thought about adding eggs back into my daily diet but now will reconsider. Mom and I colored eggs for Easter so I will eat those. I dont want to waste them but will probably not buy anymore. I have cut out most dairy, 90% of added sugar and most of caffieine. I have lots of inflammation so this is important to me.
Yesterday, my hubby and I went out to lunch and I had a salad with grilled chicken and cheese. Then last night I had chicken. This morning my hands are hurting. Is it because of the meat and cheese??? I dont know but its worth taking note. On the same token, I did not indulge in the cheesey, bacon french fries that was covered in ranch sauce(which I love) that was ordered by one of our friends nor did I indulge on dessart. When I am home, its easier to stay on track. Going out brings its challenges. I will not be "legalist" about my eating. When going out I will just make the healthiest choice I can. I will not say "never" to any food bc I think that causes defeat.

Thank you for all your love and support.


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Cheese...friend or foe

Many of you know that I absolutely love my cheese. While on the Daniel Fast I did not have any. However, on Easter I cooked a cabbage casserole which had sharp cheddar cheese melted on top. The next morning my bp was a little high along with a high heart rate. Monday night I had cheese on a salad and then this am I had a piece of cheese. Sure enough, my bp and heart rate was up. One thing I must mention is that on Sunday I also reduced one of my bp meds. So the question is this: is the increase of bp and heart rate the result of reducing my meds or by introducing cheese back into my diet or a combo of both?? The only way to tell is to cut out the cheese and see what happens. Its sad because I LOVE cheese. But...Im loving improved  health more than temporary taste. I couldnt say that 6 months ago. God is really changing my mindset. I want to be as healthy as I can be. Dont get me wrong! I will ocassionally have a treat but I want to be known as a "clean" eater. I praise God for this transformation in thinking. All the glory goes to Him

Much love,

My Life with CFS

I was active as a child, teen and young adult.  I played softball, did dance, performed in school plays, and was very active in churc...